Sanekats Adoptions

There are two primary reasons that responsible and professional breeders have animals to offer for adoption:

First, as our champions end their careers either in the ring and or breeding, they are placed into good homes that would like a quality malamute and where the persons maybe do not have the time or energy to raise a puppy so would rather adopt a calmer, mature malamute.

Second, there are times when the persons whom have adopted our puppies, are no longer able to care for their Sanekats malamutes. Whether it was due to circumstances they brought unto themselves, or circumstances that happened upon them, as professional and responsible breeders, we will do anything and everything to protect our malamutes. And sometimes that means that after bringing them home, carefully working with them until they are fit to be adopted again into qualified homes.

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Available Mature Malamute Adoptions

CH Sanekats "Arie" - Dec 2017 Litter

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Past Malamute Adoptions

Snowybleu "Lilly"







Jet, son of Isis and Tommy

Cooper, son of Isis and Tommy