The Litters Of Sanekats Kennels


Litter 2018 Jun 11th

Litter 2018 Mar 1st

Litter 2017 Dec 7th

Litter 2016 Sep 20th

Litter 2016 Mar 14th

Litter 2015 April

Litter 2014 March

Litter 2013 April

Litter 2012 Januaray

Litter 2010 September Owners Gallery

Litter 2009 September

Litter 2008 February

Litter 2008 January

Litter 2007 April

Litter 2006 October

Litter 2006 August

Litter 2006 February

Litter 2005 May

Litter 2005 July

Litter 2005 October

Litter 2004 September

Litter 2003 December

Litter 2002 November

Litter 2002 October

Litter 2002 January

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  • About The Nursery Of Sanekats Kennels
    Our puppies have their own secure area in our home where they can sleep undisturbed, yet play in the large exercise area. After the first week of birth, puppies are socialized and handled by everyone that comes to our home. They are raised on the best quality puppy food available, supplemented and vitamined as necessary. Puppies live with us a minimum of eight weeks which allows us time for inoculations, deworming and an introduction to the leash and basic commands.

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